Get Your BeerbellyTM
The Beerbelly, the stealth beverage system that makes it easy to sneak a drink where ever you want! It holds 80oz, thats more than a six pack of your favorite beverage!
Get Your WineRackTM
Turn an A cup in to double Ds AND sport your favorite beverage for yourself and your friends! Better than a Boob Job and Cheaper Too! Not to mention the savings on over priced drinks.

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The Beerbelly Buddy Bundle
Save Money and Share with your buddy!
Six Pack Abs for 2!... what is that a 12 pack?
Look at the savings,
That's more than a case of GOOD beer!

The Buddy Bundle has everything you and a buddy need to enjoy a stealth beverage, where ever you may roam!
Price: $102.75
Special Combo Deal $89.95

Product Code: 200-006

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The Beerbelly brings Freedom to the Beverage!

Now you can drink WHAT you want, WHEN you want, WHERE you want, with no hassles and for less money!

What more could you ask for?

How 'bout a special deal for you and a buddy... The Beerbelly Buddy Bundle has everything you need.

Now you can drink your favorite beverage at the movies, the ballgame, anywhere, and you won't have to share with your buddy, cuz now he has his own! You both WIN!

The Beerbelly comes with the sling, and the bladder. The sling is designed to fit up users up to 6'8" and up to a 40" waist. Made of neoprene, the sling insulates and feels like skin to the touch under your clothes. The bladder holds up to 80oz. of your beverage of choice and fits in a custom shaped pouch in the sling . When worn under your clothes you just look like a dude with a beerbelly. You can use the Beerbelly to hold either cold or hot beverages. The bladder has a wide mouth opening for adding ice for Margaritas, and to simplify cleaning.

This Bundle comes with everything you need for 2 to enjoy a steath beverage... 2 Beerbellys, 2 Pleasure Extenders, and 8oz of The Beerbelly One Step No Rinse Cleanser

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